Q #5: Do You Care About This Job Interview?
Put another way, what the interviewer really wants to know is, do you really want the job. There are many reasons why someone could potentially be interviewing for a job that they aren’t actually interested in. Some candidates are simply exploring their options, others are perfecting their interview skills. The most unscrupulous may even be looking for a job offer to wave under their existing bosses nose in the hope of a lucrative counter-offer! Any sniff of insincerity on your behalf will almost certainly blow your chances of success.

A: Of Course I Do!
There are many small details that show you are serious about the opportunity. Getting to your interview late for example, is one of the worst things you can do. At best this shows a lack of organisation and time management. At worst, it shows a lack of respect for the interviewer’s time. Both will likely lead to swift rejection of your candidacy.
The best time for you to show how serious you are about a job opportunity is actually at the end of the interview when you will often be asked if you have any further questions. A couple of well thought out questions at this point, shows the interviewer that you have put some real thought into how this opportunity might advance your career. The more personal the question is to you, the better.
Make sure to also enquire about next steps and the likely timeline of the decision making process or next interview round. This is not being pushy, it shows you care. If in doubt, you can leave these questions for when you follow up with your interviewer afterwards via email, expressing thanks for their time and emphasising that you remain interested in working for the company.