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Friday, July 8

What Every Student Must Do While Still In School In Nigeria

It is the most chronic disease in Nigeria, uncontrollable but curable.  It is symptomless and one can be ignorant of it until it poses a threat. It is not Aids, hypertension, cancer, cholera, but rather referring to unemployment.

The stage in which our country has metamorphosed into is such that makes employment very difficult for those in the labour market. Students need not hope on already made jobs and of course there are
many people with wonderful first class and second class degrees roaming the street. There truth is that there is no already made jobs in Nigeria.

The old people will never get tired of decreasing their age in order to prolong their stay in a particular position and forget about retirement. On February 2016, Shell sacked about 10,000 workers. Just this June, Zenith Bank, GTbank and Fidelity Bank sacked more than 3,200 employees. The rate of unemployment in our country is alarming. It is so catastrophic that all feasible ways to combat it in the last years has proved abortive.

The best way to lam this menace (unemployment) is to promote entrepreneurship among our young ones, among students. This I refer studentpreneurship. No wonder Thomas Drucker said “the best way to predict the future is to create it” Studentpreneurship is living the full years of your life like most people can’t. It simply means keeping things in stock for your future,  making hays while the sun shines and making money even while in school. The irony of Studentpreneurship is that many schools teach only the theoretical aspect of it and ignore the practical aspect of it.

Here are Six Steps for Starting Up a Business.

Evaluate yourself: Start by asking yourself; what do I have in me and what can I give to the world. Know your skills and knowledge. know how to operate and when to operate.

Have a business Idea: a good business idea identifies a need and then satisfies it . Evaluate your Idea by getting to know the demand for your services, the patronage level of the business and your targeted market.

Research the competitors: You can research your competitors online, in print or in person. Assess them by knowing how they promote themselves, their working tools and their major strengths and weaknesses

 Make a business plan: A successful business plan will clarify your idea, define your long term objectives and provide a blueprint for moving your business

Seek a mentor: get advice from people in the industry or see if you can find a more experienced person to mentor you

If it is a Cooperate Business, Register It

Below are possible businesses which a student can venture into. This kind of businesses  save time, resources and are profit oriented

1. Blogging
2. E-book marketing
3. Bulk sms
4. Online registration
5. Freelance writing
6. Snacks production (special training required)

Conclusively, it is advisable for a student not undertake any business that will be time consuming and detrimental to his/her academics. It is important to note that the primary purpose for being in school is to study and that must be achieve. Remember that Bill Gates, Mark Zukerbeg, Larry page, Sergey Brin Matt Mullen and many others made their fortunes while they were in school.

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