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Wednesday, August 24

10 awesome tips for making him cum with just your hands

Handjobs can be a huge turn on and a way to switch things up in the bedroom. Here are great tips on how to make things even hotter.

 Handjob  Tips

Giving a handjob is one of the most underrated sex act. Most women will focus on giving the perfect blowjob, but, being a good handjob giver can be a skill that can come in very handy (pun intended).

Think about it: What’s hotter for him, getting off by himself, or having help from you? So, get ready for this top tips to make you the handjob pro.

1. Get into it

It can be very erotic for your man to know that your purpose for getting handy with him is solely for his pleasure, so show some enthusiasm. Make his pleasure your mission as that is already a big turn-on.

2. Get wet

Whether you choose to go with lubricants or saliva, make sure things are wet and slippery when giving a handjob. Lubrication makes it easier and less uncomfortable when your hand glide on his shaft.

3. Do the twist

If you’re only working him with one hand, try twisting your hand gently around the base of his penis and move up toward the head. Run your hand over his head and squeeze gently. Continue this twisting and twirling motion for as long as you like. Using two hands? Start by wrapping both hands around his shaft, one on top of the other. Slowly twist your hands around his shaft in opposite directions.

4. The head

Whether you’re working with one hand or two, prioritize the head. The head has a much higher concentration of nerve endings than the shaft of the penis.

5. Be Gentle

Take it easy when you are just beginning, that is, when his member is still getting hard. Fingers and light squeezes work best at this stage and will help heat him up faster.

6. Play with the head

While using one hand to stroke him up and down, use your top hand to gently play with the head at the same time. Wrap your hand right underneath the tip and twist your way up and around his head gently.

7. Change the pressure

Grip harder as he’s about to climax or as your man wishes. Doing too much or too little of either can make him go soft and thwart an orgasm, and you don’t want all your hard work going to waste!
Handjob  Tips

8. Listen

Trust us, you’ll know if he is enjoying it just by his facial expressions and the sounds he makes. But don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes while hard at work.

9. Change position

Whether you start out lying next to him and then move to straddle him, change it up. Some men must be sitting or lying down to achieve orgasm. And some guys like the feeling of power or submission from standing over a girl on her knee. Experiment and see what works for you and your guy.

10. Use your mouth

Just because it is a handjob does not mean you cannot surprise him. Focus your mouth on the head of the penis, stimulating it with your lips and tongue, and take your fingers and run it up and down the shaft. Even just a little tongue play and teasing can help get him to climax faster.

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