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Tuesday, August 23

The Housemaid Diaries: My Oga and his wife travelled, his sons took care of me

For the past year that I worked for my Oga and his wife, I had noticed that his children had their eyes on me.




Sexy brothers

They were studying in a University in Lagos state while I was working for their parents in Enugu. Whenever Michael and Daniel came home for the holidays, they would tease me and make passes at me.

Michael was the older one and bolder. He would rub my ass whenever he passed by the kitchen and tell me that I looked very sexy.
Daniel, on his part, will simply look at me shyly, but I could see his erection peeking through whenever he gave me one of those looks.
Since their parents were almost always around, and Michael and David, mostly hung out at their friend's place whenever they were home anyway, I just ignored them. There was no need to get them in trouble since it was not a big deal.

After Michael completed his final examinations in school, he decided to celebrate with his friends at home by throwing a party. Daniel also returned from school for the weekend for the party.
It was after the boys arrived that Friday that I was told that my bosses would be travelling for the weekend. I was asked to stay to help them with the party the next day.
That Saturday was a busy day for me. I had to tend to their guests, serve them and clean up after them.
I also had to clear up after the party to get the house clean. I was totally exhausted when I finally went to bed that night.

At about 4am, there was a knock on my door. It was Michael, he asked me to get him and his brother some water to drink. I did as he said.
As soon as I entered their room, I immediately noticed Daniel relaxing calmly in bed, with a funny expression in his eyes.
Michael walked up to me and instead of collecting the water, he closed the door behind me, took out the key and sauntered back to the bed.

I looked around in confusion and alarm.  I placed the glasses of water on a table near the bed and calmly asked them to open the door so I can leave.
Michael told me he would only open it if I came to lay in bed with both of them for a little while. I looked over to Daniel who smiled at me, but this time, not with shyness but with something akin to excitement.
I glanced at the bottle of beer next to the brothers and concluded that they must be drunk, or at least, Daniel was.

I stood my ground and they stood theirs as they watched me while lying calmly in bed. Eventually, I told them I will lay for five minutes and then they must let me out.
As soon as I laid between them, Michael slipped his hand underneath my blouse and began teasing my nipples. I lightly spanked his hand to stop him. He did, then smiled at me and reached for my nipple again. Daniel, on the other side, reached underneath to touch the nipple closer to him.
I really wanted to make them stop but the way they were stroking me was slowly turning me on. Besides, I guessed they would not let me go if I wanted to anyway.

I laid there as both brothers took a boob and teased me.  Soon, they both began to lick and suck on my nipples. I tried really hard not to react until a moan escaped my lips and gave me away.
I looked up to find Michael grinning devilishly at me. He got up and untied the wrapper around my waist. I laid still as he did this, and moaned again when he reached between my legs and began to stroke.
Michael pulled down the boxers he was wearing and laid on top of me. He used the head of his dick to stroke the entrance of my pussy until I became wet.

I made one last attempt to push him off, but he knew, by the wetness of my pussy and the way I was breathing hard, that I really did not want him to stop.
I looked beside me to see that Daniel had gotten naked too and was stroking his own dick as he watched his brother toy with me.
Michael kept teasing until I nearly begged for his dick, finally, he entered me and began to ram his dick hard in me. He took both my hands, raised them above my head, pinned them there as he kept fucking me.
As he thrust into me, he was focused on the way my big boobs jiggled in response. He could not stop staring at them as they moved. He buried his head between them and began to tease my nipple again.

I felt myself getting wetter as we fucked. I was about to cum when he got off from me and laid beside me. I was surprised and disappointed, but pleasantly happy again when Daniel took over.
He straddled me, like his brother did, and began to fuck me. His dick was much bigger and way thicker so he filled me even better. He slid in and out of me and I felt my orgasm building again.
He was more interested in my pussy than my boobs. He put his finger on my clit to stroke it as he kept on fucking me. Soon, I gave in and came around his finger.

He also got off me before he came. Michael then came to kneel on one side of my face and Daniel did the same on the other. Michael ordered me to open my mouth as both of them began jerking off just above my mouth.
They occasionally slipped their dick in one after the other as they jerked off even harder. Soon, they both began to cum at the same time.
The brothers stroked themselves and their juice began to fall into my mouth. I held my mouth open so they can both shoot their cum in it.
Soon, my mouth was filled with their cum. After they were done, Michael used his hands to clamp my mouth shut until I swallowed it all.
They laid beside me for a few minutes, then Michael brought out the room key, gave it to me and asked me to leave.

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