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Tuesday, August 16

Tourists and BRA-LESS Brazilian women Performing

Hosting the Olympics may have cost Brazil a fortune. In fact, official records show that the Brazilian government spent a whooping 4.6 billion dollars to upgrade sporting facilities and put infrastructure in place for the world’s biggest sports fiesta.
Little wonder, the citizens had before the Games staged protests, insisting that the government was wasting tax payers money on the sporting show that attracts the highest number of athletes, officials and fans to any host city cum country.
But with the Games now on, Rio residents must be thanking their government for hosting the event as they are smiling to the banks.
Statistics show that over one million people have “invaded” Rio and other Brazilian cities for the on going event.
Despite the avalanche of hotels in Rio, there is still accurate shortage of hotel rooms. A good number of the Olympic tourists are finding it difficult to secure accommodation in hotels and where they find one, the cost is out of this world.
And with the global economic recession, no too many visitors, especially those from Africa can afford to pay for hotel rooms that are going for more than 200 dollars a night here in Rio.
The direct beneficiaries of this situation are Rio residents most of whom have given out part of their apartments for between 50 to 100 dollars a night for a room space.
But while making money from his apartment, the Brazilian family man appears not to be unmindful of how randy some of the “visitors” to the Games could be and as such is quick to warn that renting an apartment is not a license to do “other” things.
A Nigerian official who is staying in one of the apartments near the famous Maracana Stadium told this writer that while checking into the apartment his “landlord” for the next three weeks, a Brazilian retired military officer, tacitly told him that his wife and daughters are “a no go area”.
The Nigerian official disclosed that after he made payments for the apartment for three weeks his “landlord” took him out for a drink in one of the bars near by and on a friendly note told him that one thing he won’t tolerate is any visitor trying to mess up with his family. In fact, the Nigerian official disclosed that his “landlord” showed him his pistol which he said he wouldn’t hesitate to use on any visitor eyeing his wife or teenage daughters.
“I was warned in very clear terms when I was checking into the apartment where I m staying by my Brazilian landlord that to stay out of trouble I must not look in the direction of his wife and daughters. In fact the man showed me his pistol to underscore how serious he was, even though on a friendly note,” the Nigerian disclosed to Daily Sunsports.
The official stressed that he has learnt how not to say more than just “hello” to his “landlord” and his wife and two daughters when they come around in spite of their very friendly disposition since the case of the three Nigerian USA lawmakers may be a mere child’s play compared to what any person could face here in Brazil for playing “any rough play.”
“The Nigerian law makers returned home alive and only got their visas revoked, but here the story may be totally different. It could be a suicide mission if one is entangled in such mess,” the Nigerian official said.
But the truth is that it would only take the grace of God for tourists here to stay out of trouble, given the way the Brazilian women, including the married ones dress to the stadium and walk around the streets, especially this summer.
The women basking in the euphoria of the lovely summer weather wear attires that virtually expose every part of their body and go smoking. In fact, it appears the women here smoke more than the men.
The Brazilian babes literally step out of their houses half nude. The name of the country is Bra-Zil , but the women here go bra-less.

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