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Wednesday, August 17

Whatsapp Update:- See 15 Reasons Why You Should Join a whatsapp Group If you haven't joined


Many people on WhatsApp have the privilege to be  added to several WhatsApp groups but what are the main purpose of WhatsApp groups.

1. WhatsApp groups are there to UNITE MEMBERS.

2. They are also there to SHARE INFORMATION and also to RECEIVE INFORMATION.

3. They are not there for PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE CHAT.


5. They are not there to DISCUSS PRIVATE MATTERS.

6. They are there to ENTERTAIN US.

7. They are there to EDUCATE US.

8. They are there to CONNECT us to KNOWN and UNKNOWN PEOPLE.

9. They are there to IMPROVE OUR BRAIN FUNCTION by enhancing our READING SKILLS as we read daily from them.

10. They are there to IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE as we read from them.

11. They are there as a medium for LEARNING.

12. They are also there to serve the PURPOSE OF THE GROUP in relation to the GROUP'S NAME.

NB: So most often share or discuss things relevant to the group's name.

13. They are there to UPDATE US on issues far and near us and also issues concerning or not concerning us.

14. They are there to HEAR from others you don't usually meet or hear from them personally or physically.

15. They are there to MOTIVATE  US and INCREASE OUR HIMMA. Some even support our work we do.

WhatsApp groups are the best communication tool among all people worldwide, so let utilize it perfectly to suit our lives and improve it positively.

To join Hitgist Whatsapp Group
Add admins with +2347037203005

*Reasons why people leave groups:*

- When the group disturbs.
- When the group lacks discipline.
- When the group lacks proper control.
- When the group produces too many unnecessary chats and messages.
- When the group divert and doesn't serve it purpose it was created for.
- When the group doesn't have a positive impact on your life but negative.


*Do the right things and people will love, enjoy, stick and stay in the group forever.*

*Remain blessed...*

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