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Friday, October 21

Where is this EndTime Baby That was born with two horns back in 2015


A strange birth occurred at a maternity centre (name withheld) in Ilesa, Osun State. A woman gave birth to a baby, apparently with a medical condition that made it appear as if there were two horns on its head.

According to Saturday Tribune, which published photos of the strange baby, the birth of the baby filled the area with tension.
“It is true the baby was born,” the proprietress of the maternity centre spoke to the news platform’s reporter who visited the hospital. She only spoke on condition of anonymity.

She said that the woman who gave birth to the deformed baby was “about 25 years old and she has been without a child for three years.”

“This woman lives in one of the farm settlements on the outskirt of Ilesa. She registered for antenatal service here. So, when she wanted to put to bed, her relatives rushed her here to deliver the baby.

“But we were shocked to the marrow when she eventually delivered the baby with two horns on the head after going into labour for some hours. By the time she was delivered of the baby, it was already dead and we had to separate it from the placenta.

“I have never seen such a terrible creature in my life. So, we helped to pack the dead baby and the placenta and handed them over to them before they left our premises. It was indeed a fearful development and we were saddened about it.

“This is not something we can celebrate. So, I ordered by nurses and other attendants to keep their mouth shut over the incident. But, I am very surprised how you people got to know about it and came here to inquire about it. I do not want anyone to make something unnecessary out of this or create problems for us here,” she stated.

When asked about the whereabouts of the woman who was delivered of the baby, the proprietress declined to give details.
From the picture, the baby could have suffered from a type of crouzon syndrome, an autosomal dominant genetic disorder known as a branchial arch syndrome associated with gene mutation. It occurs in 1.6 out of every 100,000 people.

Crouzon syndrome
Crouzon syndrome

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