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Tuesday, November 29

Most Important facts You Must Know About Ultimatecycler and How You can get paid Same Day

Have you heard of ULTIMATE CYCLER

What is Ultimate Cycler?

Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that’s been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit.

It’s a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions. There are 6 matrix levels to earn from, but your out-of-pocket expense is only a 1-time $25 with no monthly fees or admin fees.

It all starts with a 1-time $25 to get into your first matrix. Depending on how you choose to build, this may be the only payment you will ever have to make, everything else can come out of profit. This 1-time $25 payment gets you access to the back office, all the products, the marketing system, etc, etc.

Your matrix has 2 levels consisting of 6 spots (2 on the 1st level, 4 on the second). Your second level is your payline. So when a slot is filled on your second level, either by your efforts or someone else’s, you earn 100% of those commissions…or in this case $25. So each $25 matrix pays out $100 ($25 X 4). When all 6 spots are filled, you cycle out and have the option to activate another matrix and get paid all over again.

There are also 5 higher level matrixes ($50, $100, $200, $400, and $800) which all function the exact same way. You do not have to pay any extra money to upgrade to these higher levels if you don’t want to either, just pay for it out of profit. Of course the fast track is to position yourself in all 6 matrixes right away, but the option to start at the $25 level and work your way up through profits is there if needed, which is great

$25  = 12500 naira

Once you register you will be matched with someone who you're to pay the 12500 to. after payment, login and fill in the transaction detail in a box that will be provided. Then call the person to approve.

If you can bring in four pple to register under you even if it's within 24hrs, you get 50k. ( ie four pple will be assigned to pay 12500 each) but not necessary those who registered under you. The system picks randomly.

Try this I bet, you won't regret coming on board.

Also bear in mind if you can't bring in pple to register under you, your 50k still awaits you.


After 7 days of your registration, four pple will be assigned to pay you 12500 each, making up the 50k. Less stress. Your referral is just yourself.

If interested follow this

Call or whatsapp me on

Ultimate cycler has come to stay and make our life better
Register with 12,500 and get 50,000
How it works:
Get 4 people and be paid 50k as soon as possible
Get 2 people and get paid 50k in 1week
Get nobody and get paid 50k after 2weeks..
(Computer automatically merges u with 4 people)

Ultimate cycler...... The real deal........I was doubting it before but now i am a witness...._. Have you heard of_ _*ULTIMATE CYCLER?*_ _It gives you_ _*N50,000*_ _after a week of investing just_ _*N12,500,*_ _without requiring you to evangelise!_

_Once you register, you're paired with someone to whom you pay_ *_N12,500_*.

_Within 1 week, 4 new members will be assigned to pay_ *_N12,500_*_each to you. That's a total of_ *_N50,000_* _within a week, whether or not you introduce your friends._

_Introducing friends only speeds up your collection of_ *_N50,000._* _If you choose to keep quiet, you'll still get your_ *_N50,000_* _within a week through automatic pairing from around Nigeria._
*_N12,500_*_without saying remaining 3 of such payments within the week!, I followed suit, and so have I. I prove nothing;  I preach nothing. It's strictly #Soft_Work

*_The Earlier the better. Register Now and get paid.


       _How *Ultimate Cycler* works:_

_Register with N12,500, you will be paired, make the payment and you'll be activated. Four other persons will be paired to pay you same N12500 each and that adds up to 50k. This takes maximum of 7days that's if you're not registering people but takes 24hrs or less if you're doing the business actively._

*You necessarily don't have to preach,  all it requires _na_ "Soft_Work"

*P/S: _If you doubt this, pls make use of ur Google App or YouTube._*
              Thank me later though.

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