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Friday, February 3

10 Perfect Valentine's Gifts For Women Who LIVE For A Good Spanking

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like me, you're scrambling to think of the perfect little trinket to bestow upon your beloved before the 14th comes around.
Valentine's Day gift ideas seem to be everywhere you look. 

For most people, flowers, chocolates, and cards shaped like hearts fit the bill just fine.
But if you lead a kinkier life than your friends and family, you might find that a ball-gag says a lot more about your relationship than a sonnet about daisies.

Kinky folks who are into BDSM may not seem like people who are overly romantic, but that couldn't be further from the truth!
Trust me, I'm a kinky person who loves BDSM and I love a cheesy Valentine's Day as much as the next gal!
That said, shopping around for Valentine's Day gift ideas for a person who is in a BDSM relationship is a little bit different than the days when you'd just pass out conversation hearts to all your friends.
Sure, you want to be romantic, but you also want to be authentic. 
To a person who is into a little bit of control, bondage, submission, and spanking, there's a lot more to romance than gentle kisses.

What better way to express your love than with a thorough spanking, says I!
To that end, I've rounded up my favorite homemade Valentine's day gift ideas that are perfect for the couple who is so much more likely to spank each other in public than to hold hands while walking down the street.
Happy Valentine's Day, perverts! 
BDSM Heart Spanking Paddle
valentine's day gift ideas

Sure, you guys have all the paddles your heart could dream of, but do you have a handmade, heart-shaped paddle as a token of your kinky love? Nope, I thought not. Happy spanking!
Etsy worth, $37.99

Leather Heart Pink Pastel Choke
valentine's day gift ideas

There all manner of slave collars out there, but few are as cute and as pink and as holiday appropriate at this one! It says "you're mine" and "happy Valentine's Day" all at the same time!
Etsy worth, $10.23
Silver Handcuff Charm Earrings
valentine's day gift ideas
Add caption
Photo: Etsy 
Just because you lead a BDSM life, that doesn't necessarily mean you want to walk around wearing handcuffs all the time, we get it. These sweet little cuff earrings are a nod to the very special relationship you guys have.
Etsy worth, $9.03
You are the Master of my Universe Poster

valentine's day gift ideas
Because while your Domme knows he's your master, it never hurts to remind him with some tasteful and cute decor!
Etsy worth, $4.50

Peacock Flogger
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If you're a kinky person in a BDSM relationship you've probably already got a flogger. But do you have a super ornate peacock inspired flogger?! If the answer is no, we've got you.
Etsy worth, $275.00

Pentagram Harness
valentine's day gift ideas

It's totally normal for a dude to buy his lady some lingerie on Valentine's day, and the same goes for guys and gals who are all about BDSM. This pentagram harness is available in all manner of sizes and is the perfect way to say "I love you, but I REALLY love trying you up and using you." 
Naught Mug
Valentine's Day gift ideas

Because even BDSM girls need a little caffeine first thing in the morning! This mug is as naughty as it is useful.
Etsy worth, $16.00
Kinky Card
Valentine's day gift ideas

Getting a dude a card is always a gamble, unless you're a Sub buying your Domme a beautiful card making it clear that you know exactly who is in charge.
Etsy worth, $4.00
Day Collar
valentine's day gift ideas

You don't need to always wear a thick and heavy collar. This darling day collar is sweet and lightweight, perfect for the slave in your life.
Etsy worth, $28.99
Valentine's Day Spanking Latex Skirt
valentine's day gift ideas
It's a risky thing to buy a woman clothing without her holding your hand through the whole thing. Unless, that is, the clothing in question is a hot-ass latex skirt designed to make spanking hotter!
Etsy worth, $160.00

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