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Monday, February 27

Nokia 3310 review: The brick phone is back

 Nokia 3310 returns: first look at the new version

    It’s back. The legendary Nokia 3310, first released at the turn of the millennium, has been reborn. There are some changes – a colour screen and a camera – but it is instantly recognisable.
    The announcement triggered a wave of nostalgia from millions who owned the original, bringing back memories of predictive text, that ringtone, and of course, Snake. But is the reboot faithful to the original? And would you ever want to trade in your gleaming smartphone for it?
    Holding the new 3310 in your hand, it feels unmistakeably Nokia. It’s remarkable how easily clicking on those row of buttons comes back. The layout isn’t exactly faithful to the original 3310 – there’s a rectangular D-pad in the middle rather than the up and down keys of its predecessor – but it feels pretty much the same except for being a little lighter and thinner. And that famous battery life is back – it will last a month on standby.

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