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Monday, March 13

16-year-old twins sisters and their father found shot dead inside Chicago condo

Great tragedy befell a family of four on Friday resulting in the death of three of its members with one member in the hospital. 16-year-old twins, Brittany Coffland and Tiffany Coffland and their 48-year-old father, Randall Coffland were shot dead in their home on South First Street, St. Charles, Canada, in what has been described by police as a domestic related incident.

The girls' mother, Anjum Coffland, 46, who lives in a different residence though still married to the children's father, was also shot in the house. However, her injury was non-life-threatening and she has been stabilised in the hospital. The police said that they got a call from a neighbour of the family at about 5:15 p.m. on Fridayreporting that shots were fired in the apartment. Later another call was made to 911 from inside the house. Police responded to the calls only to find the twins and their father dead while the mother was alive. The parents and children are believed to be the only ones in the house when the shots were fired.

Tammy Hartje, a neighbour of the family revealed that just before police arrived, she heard a commotion and screams coming from the house and looked up to notice that the door to their apartment was open, which was unusual considering that the weather was cold.

This will not be the first time a commotion was reported in that home. On Febraury 9th, officers responded to a report of 'domestic touble' involving the couple at that same residence, however, no arrests were made because nothing physical had happened.

It is still unclear who fired the gun and the shooting is still under investigation.

Credits : Linda Ikeji

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