“Am I the one that told you to go and Steal in the market?” —Iyabo Ojo Continue to drag Lizzy Anjorin over Stealing Allegations (Video)

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has thrown an important question to her rival and colleague, Lizzy Anjorin over her theft scandal.

During the week, Iyabo and Lizzy had reignited their beef after Lizzy was accused of defrauding a vendor at the Lagos Island market, Idumota.

Videos that made rounds online showed the Yoruba star being embroiled in a gold jewelry theft on Lagos Island. Lizzy took to her Instagram Live to debunk the reports and blamed it on people like Iyabo Ojo trying to set her up.

Iyabo Ojo, reacting to the news celebrated as she shared a video of her dancing and drinking beer. In a follow-up post, she announced a giveaway to her fans stating that she doesn’t do fake alerts.

Lizzy had taken to her Instagram live to defend herself, claiming that Iyabo and her haters had set her up.

Reacting to it, Iyabo Ojo, who was in attendance at Funke Akindele’s latest event, in an interview questioned how she set Lizzy up.

She questioned if Lizzy announced to her that she was going to the market. Iyabo noted how she wasn’t the one who did the transfer, neither does she know Lizzy’s movement, so how can she set her up?

“Did she announce to me that she was going to the market? No. Was I the one who did the transfer? No. Do I know her movement? No. So how did I set you up, babe?”.