Asake is now big, he doesn’t reply to my messages any longer but I can understand – Skitmaker Yemi Elesho (Video)

Popular Nigerian skitmaker Yemi Elesho in a recent interview speaks about his present relationship with singer Asake who happened to be his friend from University days.

While featuring as a guest on the audiovisual podcast tagged “Echoo Room” hosted by Quincy Jonze, Yemi Elesho utters that Asake really suffered during their University days in OAU.

The Instagram comedian disclosed that him and Asake used to be squatters throughout their stay in the University even after Uni days.

He recollected that Asake stayed with him for a while when they both returned to Lagos after completing their degrees at OAU.

Speaking of their present relationship during the interview, Yemi Elesho said that Asake is now a bigger person compared to him and some of his friends who they both went to OAU together.

Yemi Elesho added that  a lot of Asake friends are complaining he doesn’t reply their messages, however from his own perspective he sees it as a natural thing.

The comedian stated that Asake is now a very big artistes and by nature he can’t carry everybody along.

He added that Asake is now meeting top people every day and that is the reality, he won’t be able to roll with his old friends anymore.

Yemi Elesho said that he truly understands Asake as he revealed that if he is also at the level of Asake he would probably do the same as his level has now changed to a bigger one automatically.

The skitmaker noted that he doesn’t feel bad about Asake not replying messages because he is also doing well for himself but Asake is on a bigger level.

He urged Asake’s friends from school days to forget about their sense of entitlement as they should hustle harder so as to also meet Asake at the top.

See reactions below;

dr.mayowaaje: Na person wey understand life be this… no hard feelings 🔥.

theperfectsoninlaw:  Those people are not your friends…. You guys only met because of your present situation. Do you know what FRIENDSHIP Is? Why Una de talk like this na because anybody wey una de shake hands with, una go call am friend. I no fit “big” pass my friends. My friends are my blood.

daredrizzle: He understands life. No matter the friendship , 20 friends cannot play together for 20 years.

ezekielyomiadeseye:  Big lie!! It’s not about being big,nah character,even the ones wey never big at all dey leave messages unread,even wizkid replies random DMs sometimes….

o_r_i_sa_:  This egbon too understand life 🥰.

sophia.delamor:  An Understanding person is priceless….. Respect to this bruh.

ayam_palesh:  This man understands LIFE, WE COME ALONE, WE D!E ALONE👏👏👏.