“At her age see Wetin she dey do on top gospel song”- Netizens drags Actress Destiny Etiko as she twErkkks hard to gospel music (Video)

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is seen joyfully dancing in the video to the upbeat beat of a gospel hymn. Her contagious energy and colorful movements have generated a wide range of reactions from the internet community, from praise and appreciation to helpful criticism and even perplexed remarks.

Some people have expressed respect for Destiny Etiko for her unrestrained show of faith and joy after learning that she like to groove to gospel music.

Many people have found solace in her caption, which expresses her love for the Lord; they see her dance as an authentic and profound means of expressing appreciation and devotion.

On the other hand, some people have expressed concern about how the upbeat dance performance fits in with the seriousness and reverence that gospel music is typically associated with.

For this set of people, her video represents a break from the norm of how one should interact with spiritual music.

The film also calls into question where the line is between private expression and public persona, especially when it comes to well-known people like Destiny Etiko.

Being a well-known actress with a sizable fan base, it goes without saying that her acts attract interest and viewpoints from a broad spectrum of individuals.

View the video down below.