Blord causes a buzz after being spotted eating at a local restaurant

Billionaire businessman, Blord Linus William set tongues wagging as he is seen eating correct yellow garri with a traditional soup at a local restaurant.

The cryptocurrency dealer who recently celebrated his 26th birthday made headlines again following his choice of location to eat lunch.


In a recent video shared by a TikTok user identified as @only1grin showcased the moment he spotted the businessman eating at the same local restaurant as himself.

“E no easy to chop for the same place Blord they chop 🙂‍↔️,” he captioned the now-viral post.

While Blord is held on a high pedestal by his fan, the young man lives a modest life despite his lavish investments, cars and houses.

Reactions as Blord grabs lunch at a local restaurant

iamccgbems said: “That dude is the realest nigga man. ❤.”

_____official.pc noted: “If na me, instead of taking video, na to near him to buy food for me o.”

pj.stars penned: “And if you check well, he must have ordered something of 8k and above, but you choosed to record him because of his choice of eatery. The way poor men equates luxury as their own definition of wealth amuses me.”

egostherskincare said: “Forget levels , i go still eat for mama put wey her food make sense.”

realafolabii noted: “At this point I must comment B Lord …man is really putting in work …Regardless of how you see it …he’s serious with his business…a very good business man …a lot to learn from that …blessings …man must never get too comfortable…Man must stay busy …time is irreplaceable.”

Watch the video below …