“Bwesss don Fall finish at 21years” —Ayra Starr Outf!t to a Recent Event Spark Reactions (Video)

Grammy awards nominee, Ayra Starr, has taken the internet by storm as she freestyled her new song, ‘Commas’, with her fans at a celebration of African music and culture, hosted by YouTube in Los Angeles, America.

In the captivating video, Ayra’s melodic voice takes center stage and she was spotted with popular dancer Poco Lee, Nigerian musician, Pheelz among other entertainers.

Her latest sonic masterpiece, ‘Commas,’ marks the beginning of her musical success in the current year and has been gaining significant traction on music charts since its debut on February 2nd.

The video features her in her signature attire — a pink two-piece skirt and a short blouse — as she passionately sings along to her debut song.

Watch the video below:

Some Reactions from Netizen below 

5 Times Ayra Starr’s Clothes Embarrassed her On Stage

One of my favorite musicians today is the young and dangerous, Ayra Starr. Not only do I enjoy her music which includes hits such as Away, Beggie Beggie, and of course Bloody Samaritan. I also love her persona and personality. The girl no send anybody and she even expresses this on the opening song of her 2021 album 19 & Dangerous, “Cast” where she sings “If I cast then I cast, anything wey wan sup go sup.”

It is this same attitude that Ayra has taken into her fashion which is daring and bold but sometimes also questionable and open to harsh criticisms from fans.

Today, we’ll be counting down 5 of her looks that have definitely caused her to receive some backlash and embarrassment online. Without further ado, here are 5 Times Ayra Starr’s Clothes Embarrassed Her. Let’s jump right in!

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