“Call me mummy of Abuja” —VeryDarkMan mocks Bobrisky as he declares war on cross dressers

created by photogrid

Very Dark Man clearly meant business when he said he would start dressing like a woman. In a previous report from Hitgist, the controversial social activist had said he would become a cross dresser, if the Nigerian Police Force failed to arrest Bobrisky.

This probably prompted him to bail his point deeper, by making a post, in which he referred to himself as a tr********r, and asked netizens to refer to him as ‘mummy of Abuja’.


If the phrase ‘mummy of Abuja’ rings a bell, then here’s a quick refresher. Bobrisky refers to himself as the ‘mummy of Lagos’, and he calls himself this name due to the fact that he’s a cross dresser, and now refers to himself as a woman.

Very Dark Man was clearly throwing shade at Bobrisky with this post, and he was also passing a message to those concerned. The crux of this issue is that Bobrisky boldly operates like a woman, and despite the fact there’s a sanction against gay people in Nigeria, he still carries on his activities, without being bordered.


The beef between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky runs deep, as it started even before he went to prison. It started when Very Dark Man said that Bobrisky sleeps with high profile people, and that is why he hasn’t been arrested yet. Bobrisky responded by digging up old but damning videos of Very Dark Man, while simultaneously insulting him.

At some point, Very Dark Man tendered an apology, but Bobrisky refused to accept it, and kept on beefing him, up until his arrest, which did not stop him from continuously insulting Very Dark Man.

Bobrisky hasn’t said anything about Very Dark Man ever since he got released from prison, but the self-acclaimed activist just rolled the dice by bringing up this topic. Do you think Bobrisky will respond to Very Dark Man’s taunts?