“Constant Knacking improves your health, Allow boys to ‘chop’ you for free or even Pay them, you’re the one benefiting more from it” – Ghanaian SHS girl advice Female Colleague (Video)

Second Cycle Education in Ghana is now something else. The guts to record and share such contents is almost repeating so often than not.

Even though the use of mobile phones are prohibited, students have access to them and use them for irrelevant things.

Some group of SHS female students have trending on social media for the wrong impression about this who new era of babies.

In the viral video, five young girls were on the spot advocating to their fellow friends to avail themselves to the pleasure of men else will die and waste it.

From the way things are going these days in connection to the youth, it wouldn’t be surprising that God can just ask his Angels to blow the trumpets to announce his second coming.

Gone are those days when one is scared to openly talk about s3x or relationship in general either among friends or in front of their parents.

Now as if the gates of immorality have been opened and everyone is free to say whatever he/she likes without getting scared of being humiliated.

A new video fast going viral on social media sees some female SHS students telling their fellow ladies to allow guys to ‘chop’ them.

The student who are five(5) in number could be heard in the video they recorded advising their colleagues to always loosen up and let men have sex with them.

One of the girls who is believed to be their leader stated that she doesn’t under why some girls would be walking and bragging that they are virgins.

Watch Disheartening Video: