“Doing DNA test means you don’t trust your partner” Singer Seun Kuti reveals

Artist Seun Kuti has taken to social media just a few hours ago to once again express his opinion on DNA tests.

He revealed that when a man decides to carry out a DNA test, it is hardly ever about the child, rather it shows that the man does not trust his partner.

He also further expressed that a man that has been able to successfully raise a child from birth up to a grown-up stage should be able to take care of the full responsibility of being a father and not request for a DNA to be done.

Seun Kuti

He revealed that it should not be as serious as most people make it out to be as he was not in support of men doing DNA.

Now, recall that in February of 2024, in an interview with his wife, he had revealed that he reiterated his statement as he boldly stated that he does not personally believe in a DNA test.

He also expressed that he does not believe in cheating. He disclosed that even if his wife decided to cheat on him, that he was not going to leave her because love is not ownership.

He revealed that if you love somebody, you don’t own them. Therefore, even if they decide to sleep with somebody else or cheat on you with somebody else, it shouldn’t cancel the love that you have for the said person. This revelation surprised a lot of netizens who were completely against cheating in a marriage.

Now, recall that back in May of 2023, following Seun Kuti’s custody with the police, it was revealed that the police had not only starved him but also denied his wife access to him.

His lawyer had also expressed concern over the welfare of the artists who had gotten into an altercation with a police officer earlier in the month