“Don’t bend for people that are living in abject poverty” Actress Ifemeludike tells Mohbad’s wife as she shades her colleague, Charity Nnaji

Nollywood actress, Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has thrown a subtle shade at her colleague, Charity Nnaji as she sent a message to Mohbad’s wife.

Hours ago, Charity Nnaji had weighed in on Omowunmi’s refusal to undergo a DNA test for their one-year-old son, Liam.

Taking to her Instagram story, she addressed Nigerian men telling them that their wives are suspects if they support Mohbad’s wife. She urged them to take their kids for DNA tests.

Charity questioned why Mohbad’s wife would love to go through that kind of pressure, without wanting to clear her conscience and free herself from public disgrace.

Reacting to it, Ifemeludike advised Mohbad’s wife not to be intimidated and to speak up and stand her ground. Admonishing her to fight like her life depended on it, she told her not to bend or break for people who are living in abject poverty and darkness.

Ifemeludike told her not to do DNA tests for anybody and to raise her son. She noted how time will tell if the child truly belongs to Mohbad.

“I wanted to do this write up tomorrow but my conscience can’t wait. Dear Wunmi, if you allow yourself to be bullied and silenced like your late husband then you’re a fool! (Sorry to use the word). Don’t ever be pressured by a population by a population that can’t pressure their government enough to give them 24hrs power supply. Be strong girl! Stand firm!

Don’t stay silent or be too calm, be strong and fight for your son! Speak up and stand your ground, don’t be intimidated. I tell you categorically, DO NOT DO ANY DNA FOR ANY NOBODY. Go raise your son, if you’re innocent and the child is Mohbad’s time shall tell. If you listen to their noise it will affect you and your son forever. Fight like your life depends on it ( cos it does actually)
Don’t bend or break for people that are living in abject poverty and darkness… In all of this, make your child’s safety and welfare top priority!!!
Don’t break, don’t bend for people subdued and subjected to poverty by their own leaders. Don’t be their lab rat, get them off your back and get on with life”.