Drama as Nigerian mother arrests her son for raising his hands to beat his wife

Netizens praise Nigerian mother for having her son arrested without bail for the weekend, after raising his hands on his wife.

The story was shared to the microblogging platform, X, by user, @_tolulope__, who is the nephew of the woman.

He expressed his admiration for his aunt, who took a very strong stand against her son’s domestic violence towards his wife.

The young man also mentioned that, in addition to having him arrested, his aunt took his cousin’s wife into her home to care for her due to the injuries she sustained from the beating.

Many Netizens have applauded the mother’s action, especially for not trying to cover up the issue but rather taking a firm stand against the behavior.

His tweet reads;

“Lol. My cousin beat his wife, my aunty (his mother) got him arrested. No bail allowed till Monday.

I love that we are standing on business.
No wife beater allowed in this family.”

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Some reactions to the post here

@UNCUJAY wrote: “LOL! Arrest on a Friday is till Monday. Hope the wife hasn’t gone begging? 😂”

@chucksnaz stated: “I’m not in support”

@Jokotade_ng prayed: “My God will bless your aunty, you that tweeted this and everyone in your family that supported her actions 🙏🏻”

@FunmiKolz commented: “This is what happens when you marry into a family that loves you”

@identity_king replied: “I support this. Only weak men beat women.”

@iamadeolaa added: “I like this, he thinks he get craze abi. He’ll know say craze pass craze. He will never touch his wife again. He will go back to the family factory settings when they release him on Monday.”