“Education is not a scam” – Netizens drag Ola of Lagos for berating Nigerian massagers in front of a white massage therapist (Video)

Famous Instagram influencer Ola of Lagos is one of the trending conversations on X following his unpleasant remark about Nigerian massagers.

In the trending video, Ola of Lagos while doing an advert for a new Salon and Spa in Abuja berates Nigerian massagers in front of a female white massage therapist.

The video perfectly describes the common saying “Education is not a scam” doesn’t known that what he did in the Instagram video was absolutely racism.

Speaking about the luxury of the new salon and spa, Ola of Lagos said that unlike Nigerian massagers, the person who will handle the massage will be an Asian lady.

She noted that the Asian Lady will do it perfectly unlike Nigerians and other black people noting that she is superior.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

@EForex01: Baba LOWKEY just downgrade all of us sha 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@judeisrael94: Las Las Nigerians don make Ola of Lagos delete this video 😭😂. He was actually having fun with a white, and y’all already tag him a racist.

@Marvelo107: A thousand and one ways to have fun, don’t do this rubbish.

@triplexdee1999:  Wetin be the radarada wey him talk towards the end? Saying it to her face again… Does he realise that thing can be taken as offensive by these people?

@diff_boy1:  Him nor know say na racist act be that It’s good to be educated at some point.

@StreetLord2: Education is important sometimes 🙏I see something in the video and I wish you all see that and understand my comment 🙏🙏.

@Oluwakeji_19 :  He rubbished us without even knowing.