“Everyone be careful o, Stop buying toothpaste by Road side” – Nigerian lady shares content of toothpaste she bought

A Nigerian lady has gone viral on social media after revealing what she found inside the Oral B toothpaste she bought at night.

The lady identified as @flourish3065 on TikTok said she bought the toothpaste for N900 by the roadside at night.

In the video, she unveiled the contents of the toothpaste which was a smaller pack of toothpaste and paper.

They put the small oral B toothpaste into the pack of the economy size and used paper to hold it still.

She captioned the video: “POV; You bought toothpaste by the roadside at night. My Nigeria people e never reach like this oo.”

The video stirred reactions from netizens who asked her to be glad she saw toothpaste even though it was smaller than what she paid for.

NailTechin|badan said: “Dey thank God say you still see the Oral B what if na Olive dey inside.”

BigFey said: “U see toothpaste Abi u no see.”

Mimie reacted: “Double portion.”

@_abikeade said: “U bought economy not first class.”

@sammoe said: “Everyone needs to be careful now.”

@limited _edition768 said:“Atleast you still see paste.”

@splendid215 said: “Wahala.”

Watch the video below:


My Nigeria people e never reach like oooo #videotiktokviral🔥

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