“Fear Woman o”– Man Cry like a Baby After checking his Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chats (See Screenshots)

Have you ever felt suspicious of your girlfriend’s behavior and considered checking her WhatsApp or Messenger chats? If so, did you discover anything that suddenly quickened your breath and heartbeat? If you have, know that you’re not alone.

Stay composed if you haven’t encountered this scenario yet. Trust issues can lead to emotional turmoil, as seen in a story where a man broke down in tears after involuntarily checking his girlfriend’s phone.

Twitter users have started making fun of a man going by the handle Hamid after he posted a string of tweets featuring screenshots of his girlfriend’s conversation with another man, who was apparently bonking her tubeless.

The screenshots contain many overtly sexualized allusions, but rather than showing sympathy for the heartbroken man, some Netizens have made fun of him. Others have offered him a new uniform because it appears that he is a new student at the love arena school.

I opened my GF’s WhatsApp Today. And all I can say is OMO. If I see any girl ranting on the timeline that men are scum or anything of that sort… I will trace you down and I will beat nonsense out of your Body,”

Hamid ranted after facing reality.

See There Chat Below;