“For a man to cry like this he must be going through a lot” – Heartbreak as grown man sheds tears bitterly

A baffling video stirs concern as a grown Nigerian man sheds tears bitterly while alone at a hidden spot away from public eyes.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a concerning scene of an adult supposedly going through a rough day.

The grown man could be seen shedding tears emotionally all by himself while secretly being recorded by an individual.

The reason for the tears is unknown but the video has since generated a wave of reactions from concerned citizens who suggested finding him.

Others, however, insinuated that he was on ‘colos’, a psychotic drug that has been demonstrated to leave people in troubling mental states.

Reactions as a grown man is spotted shedding tears bitterly

amyxious_bubz said: “How can we reach him, even if it 2k each let contribute to help him start a business and feed too😢😢 this country is breaking my heart.”

bellashuga6 wrote: “How i let God know that I’m tired 😪 sometimes,I sit and cry 😭 and guess what he always turn up for me 👏so its okay to cry when ur heart is heavy 😢God hear from our tears too not only pray 🤲🏿.”

jmkshair penned: “Looks like working hard is not enough in Nigeria 😢.”

chichi_treasure noted: “Why are we video tapping the poor man at his lowest? Someone please offer help instead of.”

tarah_yemi said: “I don’t know what this man might be going through 😢 but God will definitely come through for him 🙏🏽.”

ble_ssing_sunday opined: “For a man to cry like this he must be going through a lot😢it’s really not easy for anyone, find him for them please.”

oluwatobylobaa noted: “Omo ehn men dey try oo! Men go lose millions and still dey smile, who you wan tell ? God bless us 😭.”

Watch the video below …