“How can somebody suffer body odour and brain odour?” Solomon Buchi drag Tacha, defends Mummy Zee

Social commentator and writer Solomon Buchi has defended Mummy Zee in her recent online spat with reality TV star Tacha.

Taking to his Twitter, Solomon Buchi slammed Tacha, calling her out for being wayward. He also expressed that while Mummy Zee was happily married with a child, Tacha has been wasting away in waywardness.

He further stated that her earliest introduction into fame was being an Instagram call girl who was always showing off her boobs online with the shameless tattoo of the video in between her boobs.

He also countered Tacha’s claim that Mummy Zee was thriving based on donations netizens had made to her as he revealed that Tacha herself was also product of begging. Screenshots of Tacha had emerged where she is seen asking her fans for money, and her fans had also gone as far as opening a GoFundMe account for her.

Solomon Buchi questioned the possibility for someone to battle with body odor and also have brain odor at the same time, stating that it was a colossal disaster.

“Mama Zee is happily married with a child. You have been wasting around in waywardness.

Your earliest introduction into fame was a semblance of being an I call girl, hawking your bbs online with a shameless tattoo of Davido plastered in between your bobs.

Not until you became a BB dropout because of the same hadlum attitude, and opened a GOFUNDME to beg, and now you’re on podcasts being so rezz and uncouth. Not one ounce of class! Not one ounce of morality. Not ounce of maturity.

How can someone suffer body od@sir and also brain odcsir? Colossal disaster.

Nothing warranted you bullying a WHOLE family because of your ugly heart. Even if Mummy Zee offended you, why drag her husband and daughter?

I honestly hate witnessing this level of vile@ess.”

Now recall that earlier today, Tacha and Mummy Zee had engaged in an online war after Mummy Zee reacted to a podcast that Tacha had begin in recently where she talked about Mumy Zee and her marriage. Tacha had also responded back and this the onkine war had begun online.

Just days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Solomon Buchi and his wife had celebrated their one year marriage anniversary with beautiful of the pictures of themselves dressed in their traditional marriage attires.