“How my beautiful Sisters Toyin Abraham, Bimbo Ademoye made me have a change of heart over an ugly situation” Actress Seiilat spills

Nollywood actress Adeyemo Adegbola Seiilat, also known as Seiilat, thanked colleagues Toyin Abraham and Bimbo Ademoye in a heartfelt letter to her followers.

The Yoruba actress had earlier taken to her Instagram page to call out a hair vendor for delivering her fake hair and the two had a back-and-forth exchange over it.

In an update to the drama, she revealed how Toyin and Bimbo played an intermediary between the two and made her have a change of heart.

According to her, Toyin Abraham and Bimbo Ademoye privately reached out to her and reminded her of who she is, which made her realize that people see you even if they aren’t close to you.

Seiilat further disclosed that Toyin sent her money as she rained prayers for the wife of Kolawole Ajeyemi. She added that she had forgiven the hair vendor, who had apologized to her privately and had promised to fix the hair.

The mother of one further added that she has let the issue go and is hoping that the brand’s services would be excellent.

“@toyin_abraham called to remind me of who I am, just as @bimboademoye sent me a DM to remind me of who I am (people see you even if they are not so close to you).
Aunty Toyin sent me money. Thank you ma! I sincerely appreciate ma. May your pocket never run dry ma
@hairhaven_luxury apologized to me and still apologizing. She has promised to fix the hair also. I am letting it go and hoping going forward, their services will be excellent.

I have taken down the post as Aunty Toyin and Bimbo requested.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me and those to commented in support of my course. God bless you all”.