How Wizkid gives me N40M for my show in 2014 without even collecting it back – Comedian Basketmouth discloses

A statement is making the rounds on social media where famous Nigerian comedian Basketmouth discloses how award-winning singer Wizkid boosted his career by giving him N40M for his comedy show without even collecting it back.

According to Basketnouth, the popular narrative on social media platforms about Wizkid being proud is contrary to who Wizkid is in real life.

Speaking further, Basketmouth disclosed that he has a show in 2014 and by extension he really needed Wizkid to perform at show and willing to pay him as well.

After informing Wizkid about his comedy show, the singer responded by telling him that he shouldn’t bother paying him rather he would as a special guest and put up a show for free.

Moving on, Basketmout said 3 days to the event, he received a call from Wizkid saying that he would not be available for the show to due a very important family emergency.

The comedian uttered that he was really heartbroken by the development and also felt so sad as he never saw the disappointment coming.

Basketmouth said that 35mins after the call Wizkid called him again and asked him to contact any Nigerian artiste he would like to book for the event and should get back to him with the bills.

The comedian said he contacted Lil Kesh, Kcee, Yemi Alade and Phyno and the bills were a total of N40M.

Basketmout uttered that Wizkid surprised him by paying him the sum of N40 million to get the artistes performed at his comedy show in 2014.

In his words;

“All these talks about Wizkid being proud will always be funny to me. 2014 I had my show in Lagos and I really needed Wizkid to perform and I was willing to pay him anything.

I contacted him and he told not to bother about paying him. He promised to come as a surprise guest & put up a show for free. 3 days to the event, Wizkid called me that he won’t be able to show up coz a very important family emergency had happened. I was really heartbroken but I just had to accept the reality. 35 minutes after that call, Wizkid asked me to contact any Nigerian artiste I will like to book for the event and get back to him with the bills.

I quickly contacted Lil Kesh, Kcee, Yemi Alade and Phyno. The bill was about 40 Million Naira and Wizkid cleared it all. Mannn! I thought I was dreaming. Wizkid is not the guy social media keeps trying to make y’all believe he is..”

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See reactions below;

Coulifer Udoka Anumbor:  There’s a way you will place importance and charisma on your self and people with complexities will call it pride.

Micnoskey: That’s why I don’t judge people with their social media doings.

Ogbose M Osewu: Pride or proud, biggest 🦅 FC forever ♥️🙌No noise.

Laylad Mill:  Some helps aren’t truly genuine while some are….there are some people that loves to help without publicising and there are some that loves to publicise it just to make a name. I never blamed anyone putting their helps on social media, they might be doing it to stay relevant in the industry but Wizkid would never publicise his help. He’s a longtime low-key man 💯✅🙌.

Geena Chy: Have always said this and will keep saying it. Social media life is completely different from reality 😔😔 Stop judging people by what you see them do online.

AJ Swiftmusic: He won’t allow social media give him an imagine and thats why he’s big wiz, he doesn’t shout about his private life online that’s why he is big wiz, he doesn’t flunt his wealth, he doesn’t intimidate people or get intimidated by people, he is simply living the life of his dream On his own terms that’s why he is big wiz.