“I always hawk Porridge and Moimoi”– True Life Story Of Actress Jinad Abibat Adunni That Will Make You Shed A Teaars

Actress Jinad Abibat Adunni has shared her true life stories which almost make her fans shed a tear.

She revealed how his husband’s younger brother was beating him and how his father was buried without knowing where he was buried.

Some of her fans who knew her while things were still rough for her revealed that she passed through a lot then from selling Asaro to selling bean cake then.

Read social media reaction below;

Onlyone_jola wrote: Aunty habeebat suffered oo at Alimosho that year my mom told me her story becos my mom do rent movie to people then the way her husband brother will beat her and stuffs,when she sold tuwo ,then use  to come and ask my mom if she has connection of how she can be an actor becos she loves acting my mom told me everything becos me i was still young then

Bis_gem_apparel wrote: Everyone has a story to tell ……..but #realomojinad  I still witness a little of her story but am so happy for you sis 👏 I pray one say I will also tell my story

Olayemiobeya wrote: I no that her brother in-law that broke her teeth his name is Bukunmi in Alimosho

Adenikeadeniyi1 wrote: Same here sis, till now I don’t know where my mother was buried, I lost her wen I was jt few months old. No one could tell me where she was laid to rest. But I know she’s resting well. Ma sun re ayoni.

Dele_pupa19 wrote: U people just dey make person shed tears man wey dey give best dress female never finish for my body

Jumokeolaoye4 wrote: She really went through a lot with her husband family then in folarin , even when she was about getting full custody of her son her eyes see sege.. so glad she is doing fine.

Agbeke_akewi1 wrote: People are really go through alot seriously 😢, the word of our mouth should be able to encourage and not discourage others 🙏