“I bought the land so I can build an orphanage home”- Filmmaker Faith Ojo Accused Lizzy Anjorin’s husband Of snatching her land

The reports that controversial actress Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, stole one of her landed properties in Lagos have been addressed by US-based Nigerian filmmaker and entrepreneur Faith Ojo.

On Instagram, the CEO of Fojo Media shared a message on her verified page addressing the rumours as been true. She revealed that the story about land grabbing involving Mr Lawal is genuine as the latter snatched her land in Lagos.

Faith Ojo disclosed the snatched property was purchased four years ago to build an orphanage where she can shelter and provide for the needy.

She, however noted that the case is presently in court, believing the Nigeria’s judiciary system.

“Good day everyone. My attention has been drawn to the circulating news about Liz Anjorin’s husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, who is accused alongside others for land grabbing in Lagos.

Yes I can confirm that the story is genuine and the land belongs to me. I purchased the said land four years ago and I planned to build an orphanage there to provide shelter and comfort to needy kinda under my foundation.

I won’t be able to say much for now as the matter is currently in court .I have strong belief in Nigeria’s judiciary and I am confident that the right thing will be done.

This case will serve as a deterrent index to all others who seek to reap where they did not sow. Land grabbing and all other associated shady dealings are evil. God bless you all.

Faith Ojo.”