“I just wish Portable was a friend of Mohbad” Dr Penking muses over the inconclusiveness of Mohbad’s case

Twitter personality Dr Penking in a recent tweet expressed his displeasure over the inconclusive nature of Mohbad’s case.

In his tweet, he inferred that if Portable was Mohbad’s friend, the reason behind his death would’ve been expose. This is probably due to the fact that Portable has an outspoken personality, and has never shied away from speaking up.


Here’s what he wrote; “I just wish Portable was a close friend of Mohbad, the truth about his death would have come out after 24 hours”

Mohbad’s case has been going on for a while now, and the cause of his death hasn’t been made known to the public, and this is not due to lack of effort from people on his team.

Celebrities like Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh took it upon themselves to make sure that there was an investigation about Mohbad’s death, but it has led to nowhere.


Apart from the lengthy investigation, Mohbad’s death brought about a lot of issues that are still ongoing, and one of the most persistent ones is his son’s paternity test. Social commentator Very Dark Man pioneered the inquisition into the paternity of Mohbad’s don, citing that he may not have been his biological father. This allegation brought in a lot of negative press to Very Dark Man, as a lot of netizens called him insensitive for making the claim that Mohbad’s son wasn’t his.

The paternity of Mohbad’s don had raised a lot of social commentary, and Wunmi, who was his wife has clearly been distressed over the issue, as she had constantly cried out, citing injustice over the situation.

While his son’s case remains unsolved, Mohbad’s father has raised some eyebrows recently, as he admitted to wearing his late son’s clothes. He seemed unaffected by the discomfort he had caused to netizens who weren’t comfortable with the situation, as he stated that he wore the same size of clothes with his late son.