“I just witness it now, Someone in Lekki road is stabbing people” —Sanni Alesh calls for help over brutal murder of people in Lekki

Nollywood actor and fashionista Sanni Alesh has called the attention of the Lagos state governor, the police force and the president to an ongoing disaster happening in Lekki area of Lagos state.

A few minutes ago, Sanni Alesh reported on his Instagram page that a man in a red T-shirt whom he believe to be mentally unstable is on a stabbing rage in Lekki.

According to the actor who was an eyewitness to the occurrence, the supposed unstable man in red is stabbing people in their cars.

While sharing the update in his Instagram page, Alesh urged Lagosians to be careful and vigilant while treading the Lekki Express way.

He wrote, “Pls guys let me very careful and vigilant on Lekki express way towards civic center a man in red T-shirt (I think he’s mentally ill) is randomly stabbing people in their cars I just witnessed it now. I’m in shock”

Months ago, Alesh Sanni called out his cleaner for allegedly carting away his money and valuables.

The movie star took to his Instagram page and shared photos of his cleaner and unveiled his name, revealing that he is from Ekiti state.

He stated that he isn’t one to judge people with their looks, hence, the reason he helped him when he needed help and sheltered him. Unknowingly of his nature.

Questioning why people are heartless, Alesh alleged that his cleaner ran away with his gold jewelry and 3.2 million.