“I need close attention” – Leaked chat between Queen and Lord Lamba trends

A leaked chat between ex-BBNaija star, Queen and her baby daddy, Lord Lamba, has taken the internet by storm.

The Nigerian skit maker and content creator Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, aka Lord Lamba, congratulated his baby mama, reality TV star, Queen Mercy Atang on her engagement.

He first told his baby mama that he needed them to start co-parenting their daughter, Keilah peacefully.

He said; “Hi Queen I have been trying to reach out to you, I sent you some funds for upkeep you didn’t reply, I wanted to see my child you didn’t reply either, got information about your engagement, congratulations anyways but now is when I need close attention to my child, so your husband to be is not seen as the father, you have to understand am doing all these for the sake of my daughter it is my right, we will have to result in consulting the law for a proper co-parenting of our child. Congratulations once again.”

However, Queen responded in the chat revealing that all she has gotten from him since January was N150k. Queen also asked him what made him decide to start caring for their daughter after months of begging him.

Queen wrote: “Since after Keilah’s birthday to almost the end of January, you have sent your daughter only 150k for upkeep, you’ve not bothered about the wellbeing of your daughter Keilah. Neither have you asked about her or bothered to check up on her… ……you’re never tired of lies. I’m still surprised you suddenly want to be close to your child, after so much begging from months back.”

Netizens stormed the comments section, bashing Lord Lamba for not caring for his child before the engagement.

@cynthia_kelz reacted: “Rich boy for IG but 150k for baby’s upkeep after almost 2 months. How were you blocked when you could still send messages to her? Apparently, she was begging you to love and accept this child and you never did. Immediately she found love, you started running helter skelter, looking for what’s not looking for you eh Mr. Lamb. Nawa for una. Leave Queen alone.”

@ellaminchis said: “People should take it easy on Lamba please, I believe the guy loves queen but he doesn’t want to go against his family or mother’s wish.”

@aiijay_ said: “Immediately after engagement, he suddenly wants d daughter to call him daddy???he wants to create more memories with her???all of a sudden…yinmu.”

@___q.ese saud: “Immediately he got information about the engagement. He now realize to hi queen.”

@heyfeyzeeno said: “This ain’t no congratulations, he just wanted to confuse her and use the child to enter back into her life just to scatter the relationship (not cuz he cares about her) and he turns back to the same way he was.”

@francasown reacted: “Sigh. You see the engagement made him have a rethink. He didn’t believe Queen could move on so quick.”

@mya_beautycorner said: “The contact was done when he heard she was engaged. Nothing more. That’s some manipulation.”