“I shed some tears” —Watch the Emotional moment man visits mother’s grave after graduation to pay respects

An emotional video shows the moment a man visits his mother’s grave following his graduation from the university to pay his respects and dedicate his degree to her.

The student shared a video show casing the moment he visited her gravesite..

He wore his complete convocation gown to the burial ground and stood with a solemn face before his mother’s grave.

He gently draped the muffler on her plaque and covered a portion of the grave with his graduation gown.

Many netizens were moved by the video and they took to the comment section to offer words of encouragement to the young man.

Check out reactions that followed …

sum remarked: “I just can’t control myself crying… I feel your pain too.. take heart brother God Almighty has something for you”

Susan memee Bebe Goba commented: “may her soul rest in peace 😭😭😭”

Eniolaonifila penned: “God I don’t pray for this yah Allahu 😭 I have been doing it all alone with you God 🙏😭 Yah Allahu allows me to eat the fruit of my labour with sound health, blessings and everlasting joy 🙏 😭 RIP”

juliethmjusu @123 stated: “It is well my brother that is the will of God which no one can question, take heart bro she is indeed proud of u”

Watch video below …


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