“I will send my nvd€ to you as collateral, L€ak them If I don’t pay Back the loan” —Beautiful lady with big backside begs for money

When you’re desperate, you tend to think a lot of unpleasant things that, if you’re not careful, could get you into trouble or embarrassment that you didn’t expect.

A young woman in this same scenario is in desperate need of money to get the things she needs to put her life back on track.

She allegedly offered to provide a man her nudes as collateral for a loan, according to a piece of a snapshot of an internet chat that was leaked.

The desperate woman in the chat room demanded that the money lender, who was thought to be a guy, leak her nude photos if she wasn’t able to repay the loan.

Deducing from the conversation that the loanee (the lady) has no intention of repaying the money, she has chosen the worst course of action that is possible and for which she has undoubtedly mentally prepared.

Read the following chat;