“If you like Pakurumo Wizkid don’t download My new album and Delete me from your Life” —Wizkid Warned Fans

Popular Singer Wizkid may lead a nomadic life on social media but when he comes online, he tends to leave mouths agape with some of his posts. The celebrated singer took to Instagram to caution netizens who were still not over his style of music when he released his hit song ‘Pakurumo’ to avoid his new album.

He wrote, “And pls abeg if u like Pakurumo wizkid don’t download this new album.in fact delete me from ur playlist and your life!”.

This post came shortly after he teased a new album, as earlier reported by Hitgist

This forewarning may seem odd to people who haven’t been following Wizkid’s discography properly, but here is a quick introduction into the story that led to this.

Recall that Wizkid came out over a decade ago with upbeat and dancehall songs that captivated fans. However, for the past few years, his style of music has changed a bit, into a more melancholic tone, and some of his listeners are not pleased.

Wizkid may be quiet online, but he seems to observe everything because, he has been dragged online severally over the songs he released over the past few years, and how it doesn’t sound like his past songs, but he never responded. This forewarning proves that he has seen what his fans have been saying, and he’s not reverting to his old style of singing anytime soon.

A lot of criticism has been aired about Wizkid’s most recent albums, and despite all that, he still have some of the most successful songs yet.

His song with Tems ‘Essence’ was nominated for a Grammy, and won a few awards, yet it did not reflect the style of music Wizkid used in the past, especially when he released ‘Pakurumo’.

The singer has clearly been on a rebranding journey since he got successful, and it has been a bit of an adjustment for his day one fans who have had to keep up with his music evolution. Do you think Wizkid’s music has gotten better over the years?