I’m Grateful to Davido, he solved a serious problem I had with Emmanuella – Mark Angel spills

In a recent interview, well-known Nigerian comedian Mark Angel revealed how superstar Afroebats musician Davido resolved a certain issue he had with Emmanuella.

Mark Angel claims that he once had a major issue with 13-year-old Emmanuella because, like any young lady, she began making some personal decisions about her life.

Mark Angel recalled how Emmanuella became one of the trending conversations with the hashtag “She is 13” as she was dragged over her revealing outfit.

The comedian said he went to Mark Angel and by extension tells her to stop dressing like that she refused, she continued dressing in her own way.

Mark Angel utters that Davido later put a call through and tells Emmanuella on the importance of dressing decently.

He said that the influence of Davido was just the ideal as Emmanuella changes and she stoped wearing the revealing clothes anymore.

Mark Angel concluded that what surprised him the most was that Emmanuella burnt all the clothes the next day after the Davido call.

He said; “Davido helped me overcome a potential problem that already seemed inevitable. Emmanuella is growing up and like every girl child, she has started making some personal decisions about her life which aren’t too easy to control. 

There was a time she was under fire for putting on revealing outfits and posting on social media. I advised her the change her entire wardrobe but she was a bit adamant. 

She continued doing things her way until Uncle Davido called us on video call and advised Emmanuella on the importance of decency. Emmanuella quickly took the advise… probably because it came from her favorite artiste haha.

She actually burnt most of her clothes the next day. I was surprised. Still thankful to Davido”

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See reactions below;

Omogbo Stella Emudainohwo:  God bless uncle David.

Yemenlasting Yemen: She burn 🔥 cloth way she for dash people In need 😅😅.

Nangamana Sirkka Kashidinge:  Can Davido advice me to? I failed my whole country.. Maybe if he calls I will change🫣.

Chidinma Onyejiuwa: Nature is nature! Emmanuella is growing up, just guardianship guidelines would help her. As for stopping her from advancing to where she belongs naturally, amounts to wasted time and effort!

Elder Uche O. Odege: The strongest advice usually comes from a man who lives by the same standard of his advice.

Deborah Oden Adie: So nice of Davdo to still care about even things that have no direct impact on him. That’s the mark of a truly great person! 👍🏼