“I’m the Full Package” Actress Bimbo Ademoye Brag about her Beauty as She send important messages to her potential suitor

Nollwood actress Bimbo Ademoye, the talented actress who won the AMVCA award, recently conveyed a message to a potential suitor.

Confidently describing herself as a complete package, Bimbo opened up about the challenges that come with loving a man she dates.

She expressed her intention to love her partner with unwavering devotion, as if her life depended on it.

Furthermore, Bimbo acknowledged that any man who embraces her must possess the qualities of a soldier, as she is known for her unpredictable nature.

“If you put up with me you’re a fucking soldier. One minute I no well, the next I’m prim and proper. But guess what, I’d make it harder for the next female to love you. Because I’d love you like my life depends on it. This gal is a full package. Ask him when you see him”.

Actress Bimbo Ademoye Breaks Down on Live Video

Few days ago Bimbo Ademoye, the acclaimed Nigerian actress, is currently experiencing a challenging Saturday morning. Today, she left her fans stunned as she took to Instagram Live with tears streaming down her face. For over an hour, Bimbo remained in a state of distress, continuously wiping her eyes and sniffling. Her visibly reddened eyes were a clear indication that she had been crying for quite some time. Eventually, during the live session, Bimbo mustered the courage to share the details of her emotional turmoil, shedding light on the reasons behind her tears. Let’s delve into what the actress unveiled during this candid revelation.

Speaking about the reason for her tears, Bimbo Ademoye said:

BIMBO ADEMOYE: I know we have a ritual of coming here every Saturday to come talk about the episode that goes up by 12 noon. That was the plan. I planned on coming to talk about the earlier episodes and to give testimonies about how God has been so good, and how y’know, the past episodes have been doing well. I still will, God has been faithful. And I understand that the devil works hard, but I work harder.