“I’m tired of this girls, I Don’t Think I Can Handle them Again”– Twinz Love Mother bemoan After She Caught Her Daughters K!ssing and Romanc!ng each Other (Watch)

Popular Comedian Twins Love sparked massive reactions online as they shared a video of themselves kissing in front of their mother.

The twins, Love and her sister, shared a video of themselves kissing in front of their mother, resulting in their mother giving them a strong slap, misunderstanding their playful act as a display of lesbian behavior.

The twins later clarified that they were testing their mother’s reaction for fun.

Mummy did not even like play at all,small play u give me kn0ck This year like this I’m going to be doing levels for iya ibeji Sl@p🤣🤣 @twinz.bite

See how Netizens reacted to the video below;

Benerdseller44 wrote: You know that will lead to something else if you can kiss her like that and you think it’s ok but it not ok that’s how women become gay playing around like that you wouldn’t want kids playing kisses kiss like that that’s not right at all I’m a twin and we don’t play around like that

Too_sugary wrote: My dad told I and my twin sister to stop bathing at the same time 😂😂😂😂😂 cause he think say we dey practice something o😂😂😂😂…..Papa no dey see us with boys , he con dey fear 😂😂😂

Sanijiba wrote: I like identical Twins. My Mum gave birth to 2 sets of Twins, but we are all Prenatal Twins.

Oluwakemibaoku wrote: I love your mum language please which language is she speaking?

Ayoola874 wrote: Why una dey stress our mummy. Iya beji pls use belt for them next time lol

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