“Is she her Twins?” – Beautiful lady’s close resemblance to Nollywood star, Mo-Bimpe breaks internet

A beautiful and young Nigerian lady stunned many social media users with her striking resemblance to Nollywood actress, Mo Bimpe.

In a recent post on social media, which has garnered thousands of likes and shares, a video featured a lady wearing a unique color, smiling as she was called Mo Bimpe.

However, she quickly responded, saying, “I’m not Mo Bimpe.”

Adebimpe Oyebade (Mo bimpe)

Despite her denial of the striking resemblance, she continued to be referred to as Mo Bimpe, to which she reiterated her disassociation.

Nevertheless, many social media users agreed and insisted that the lady bore a striking resemblance to the Nollywood actress, as her video circulated online.

See some reactions below:

Ayinke: “She looks like mobimpe throw back.

Thompson_Blogs7: “This is mohbimpe if she did not have money.”

Mide 💐😍backup: “U look like her yur voice is like mobimpe.”

Fave: “You don’t only look like her you sound like her! You act like her!”

Robiah🥰: “The face, the nose, even the teeth, the smile, every damn thing.”



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