“It is a waste of bride price if your Wife didn’t give birth to at least 12 children” – Man advise

A Nigerian man John-Paul Ugwu has taken to social media to share his unconventional views on marriage, asserting that women who cannot give birth to at least 12 children should not get married.

The controversial statement has sparked a wave of reactions from many users online.

The young man expressed the opinion that any number of children below 12 would render the bride price paid by their husbands a waste.

Taking to his Facebook page, John-Paul Ugwu shared his personal views on the optimal number of children for a marriage to be deemed ‘worth it.

He wrote;

“Dear women, you have nothing to do with marriage if you can’t give birth to at least 12 children. It is a waste of bride price to give birth to children below 12 in number.”

Netizens Reactions…

Arowana Makanaky remarked; “You are a big fool, sir, if you can give such advice in this present hard economy.”

Paul commented; “I don’t know why you talk like a mature man. Why saying trash all the time you come on social media.”

Ay said; “Better to keep quiet and be thought wise than to open your mouth and show how truly ignorant you are.”

UGOCHUKWU ORIAKU expressed; “This man is a clown! Are women only meant for baby production? Women are good life partners without the kids. Life is so lonely when you don’t have a loyal partner.”

De added, “Continue. African mentality.”

anonymous user said; “This one is a misplaced priority.”

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