“It’s very attractive” – Ray Emodi opens up on Why She can’t stop Staring on Destiny Etiko Backside on set

Nollywood actor, Ray Emodi, has opened up about his romantic moment with actress Destiny Etiko.

A photo had been trending online capturing the moment he admired Destiny Etiko’s backside during a film shoot.

Destiny Etiko And Ray Emodi
Speaking on that, he revealed how the actress stood too closely to him during a shoot and he couldn’t resist the urge to stare and analyze her curves.

He also spilt the tea on Destiny’s stellar qualities as both an actress and a brand influencer and dished on the scorching dating rumours that circulated between them.

The actor revealed that the photo sparked a host of reactions from Nigerians suggesting they were a couple back then.

He went on to confess that he finds Destiny truly attractive, maintaining that as an actress and filmmaker, she puts in hard work every day.

The actor further noted that during her off-set leisure time, she’s either influencing a brand or undertaking ambassadorial duties.

Emodi further slammed the unfair practice of people linking sex, money, or ritual allegations to diligent women like Destiny Etiko.