“I’ve lived the African dream, now I’m trying to live American dream” – Davido

Globally recognized Nigerian singer, Davido announces his focus on pursuing an American dream, asserting that he has already achieved success in Africa.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Davido revealed that he is currently working on two separate albums—one for the African market and another for the American audience.


The ‘OBO’ hitmaker expressed his desire to collaborate with artists and creators worldwide, as a way to expand his outreach.

Davido on his plan to live the American dream

“I want to drop this album by the grace of God. Hopefully, we get to hit No. 1. I just want to share great ideas and great music with other artists, influence other artists, write and produce for other people. Just getting to the dream. I’ve lived the African dream, now I’m trying to get to the American dream.”

Speaking on his relationship with American artists

“I think I connect with Atlanta artists, especially having lived there for about four, five years there. I currently have a house in Atlanta, so when it comes to the American culture, I learned most of it in the South. So I think I relate better with Atlanta artists, being around [Young] Thug and being around people. Like, I been knew Gunna even before either he or I popped off.”