Keke rider receives praises for returning iPhone 13 Pro Max customer forgot

An honest Nigerian Keke rider has become a viral sensation after returning an iPhone 13 Pro Max that a customer forgot in his tricycle.

This was revealed in a post made a Facebook user known as Vera Onyekwere.

The man known as Labani from Kastina State found the expensive phone on his phone, and despite reportedly knowing its worth, returned it to the owner.

Photos attached to the post shows the keke rider with the lady who forgot the iPhone posing together.

Vera Onyekwere wrote:

“Meet labani he is from Kastina state

He is a Muslim, he returned this my Friends iPhone 13 Pro Max that I am holding( left hand ) , the lady in the picture is the owner of the phone , the phone was mistakenly forgotten inside his keke and he was called to return it

He said he will return it , that he is carrying passenger that once he offloads them he will come to the location and hand it over

He returned the phone and went back inside his keke to drive off without requesting for anything , he was called back and was offered money in appreciation he declined but said he can’t see what’s not his own and take it that he is a core Muslim that they don’t stèàl, was begged to take the money which he later accepted

He needs to be appreciated 🤝God bless you Lebani

Phone of over 1millon he returned it despite knowing the worth of the phone”

See the post below: