“Ladies should be careful” —Video shows lady vomiting Naira notes after being used for ritual money, causes stir online (Watch)


A viral video online shows a young Nigerian woman vomiting bundles of Naira notes, allegedly after being involved in ritualistic practices.

The prevalence of money rituals in Nigeria is becoming a cause for concern, with many individuals still participating in these activities despite the associated risks.

As per reports, numerous instances of money rituals entail the utilization of human body parts or blood, posing severe threats of physical harm or even fatality.

Those who partake in these practices are frequently compelled to make sacrifices or undertake hazardous actions in return for financial gain.

The video depicted an unidentified woman lying on a bed surrounded by a substantial amount of Naira notes. Certain notes were visible in her mouth, suggesting that she was in the process of vomiting them out.

The clip causes massive reactions among social media users as many did not believe and they shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

🅿️Get paid forever☪️ Linxson said, “Hope d film Dey Netflix 😅😂”.

👑Adedoyin Derin-Ologbenla 🤴 said, “the girl no later die for part 2 na Lalude save her.”

Iruobe Jeremiah said, “I discover say ritual na scam bcos wen money scarce few months ago. Ritualist come complain to me say the country hard”.

charlesunegbu1 said, “sheeee the engine in her mouth dey write the serial numbers differently”.

solotex said, “no evidence you go tire for your explanation🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nigeria my confusion country”.

Watch the video below:


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