Lady who bought N800 pillow from aboki breaks down in tears after checking inside (Video)

A lady who bought N800 pillow from an ‘aboki’ could not hold back her tears as she shared what she found inside it.

The young woman, @chubby__folly took to TikTok to share her recent purchase of a pillow from an ‘Aboki’ for N800.

To her horror, she discovered trashy foams inside the pillow, prompting her to document the disturbing find. The video quickly gained traction, leaving viewers appalled at the quality of the product.

In response to the shocking discovery, @chubby__follydecided to burn the pillow, symbolizing her rejection of the substandard item.

Following Chubby__folly’s revelation, social media platforms were flooded with reactions from netizens who shared their own experiences of purchasing cheap pillows from Aboki.

Many expressed their disgust and frustration, recounting similar encounters with low-quality products.

@Sire_Secret_Essence reacted: “Me sef I no fit cry omoh eni nwa ifa owa ofo
nii lol, buy cheap thing at your own risk.”

@Baiby_lee reacted: “You bought pillow 800, u suppose see wood and cutlass inside sef.”

@Pearly commented: “I bought the same 4 yrs ago, I was having bad dreams I had to open it to see what’s inside „I eventually burnt it too.”

@Lope said: “Not me using the same pillow rn.”

@Jhudeewealth reacted: “I bought bedsheet. he promised it was king size only for me to reach house and see bunk size bedsheet wrapped around empty cartons.”

@Big Tems reacted: “Just buy fiber pillow.”

See the video below:


All this aboki no get life 😂😭🤦‍♀️

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