Lagos mainland boys are richer than island boys – Blessing Okoro

Relationship Expert and Coach Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO has shared some insights on the difference between Mainland and Island.

Taking to her Instagram page earlier today, she shared a video of herself where she highlighted the perks of Mainland over Island. She revealed that Mainland was way better than Island.

Blessing CEO

In the video, she first started her statement by expressing that Lagos-Mainland guys are way richer than the Island guys. She also stated that at first she had been deceived but after mingling with the opposite sides, she has come to the conclusion that a lot of Island guys were packaging while the Mainland men have the money that is needed.

She also revealed that Lagos-Island was a packaged slum and that a lot of people have fallen prey to that just like she did by getting an apartment there. She expressed that there are better places to stay in the Mainland and that Island was just overpriced .

Okoro expressed that Lagos is not what it is portrayed to be . A lot of people believe that Lagos is the land where opportunities abound. However, she expressed that opportunities abound in every state. She also further stated that in Lagos, as much as you might see opportunities, you also end up spending a lot of money.

She ended up her video by stating that Mainland had better perks compared to Island.