“Men are marrying ladies with good values not instagram baddies” Nigeria Lady reveals as Kunle, Moses Bliss show off their partners

A Nigerian lady, known as Curvaceous001, has recently shared her opinion about the recent wedding and engagement announcement of gospel singer Moses Bliss and actor Kunle Remi.

Taking to her social media, she posted a video where she revealed that a majority of men were getting married to ladies who were more conservative as opposed to women who are Instagram baddies.

She did this while alluding at Kunle Remy’s recent marriage to his partner Tiwi, as well as Moses Bliss’s engagement videos to his current partner Marie. Both partners have been praised on the timeline for how conservative and decently dressed they appear, as well as how chilled they are.

She revealed that while in the real life, most of these Instagram baddies might be approached by more men for fun and relationship, when it comes to the idea of marriage, the conservative women who have good values and are career-driven are the ones that end up getting married.

Watch video here!

Also that Hitgist just posted earlier this morning that Kunle Remi had done his white wedding with his partner Tiwi. Yesterday, his traditional marriage got a lot of netizens talking, with so many celebrities in full attendance.

Moses Bliss had also yesterday revealed that he was now an engaged man after he shared a seriesof photos and videos of himself and his partner Marie. The beautiful pictures got some praises and accolades as they hailed the girl for her natural and simple looks and beauty.