Mohbad’s murderers will soon commit su!c!de as Judas Iscariot did after his betrayal — Mother

Abosede, the late singer’s mother, Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, has said that those responsible for her son’s death will face a destiny comparable to that of Judas Iscariot, who committed suicide after betraying Jesus Christ.

Abosede stated this in an exclusive interview with Saturday PUNCH, adding that Mohbad frequently visited her in her nightmares and told her that his killing will be avenged shortly.

She said, “It was God’s will. My child’s death was like that of Jesus. Judas killed Jesus and later committed suicide. Mohbad’s murderers will also commit suicide soon.”

She continued: “I see my son every day in my dreams. He always comes to see me. I believe I will surely get justice one day, but not the way his father is going about it.

“I am not disappointed that my son is no more; it is the will of God. It had been written that all those behind the death of my son would die the same way too. Mohbad stood by me every time his father was fighting me. He told me that his father was always cursing me, and he could not withstand the curses. But I told him to leave his father to God.

“Three days ago, I saw him (in my dream), and he promised that he would fight. People think he has given me everything. People say a lot of things against me, but I believe those doing that, including Joseph (Mohbad’s father), are not well trained for them to be saying such things about him.

“If they had someone like Mohbad in their families, they wouldn’t have been saying such things. If they had not buried him hastily, this whole thing wouldn’t have turned out this way.”

The bereaved mother also berated some Nigerians who promised to use their platforms to seek justice on the matter but eventually profited from the situation and abandoned it midway.

“A lot of people have enriched themselves from this, but the justice they are supposed to be fighting for has been left for me and Omowunmi (Mohbad’s wife) to seek,” she added.