Mohbad’s Wife Cries on Instagram Live, Reveals How Top Tiktok Influencers Was Paid To b*lly Mohbad

Omowunmi, the late singer Mohbad’s widow, has called on Nigerians to help her due to an alleged danger to her and her son’s lives. Mohbad’s wife recently shared her story on her Instagram page.

Omowunmi stated in the narrative that she would continue to express herself no matter what happened. She said that she is being threatened on a regular basis and that the decent people of the country should come to her and her child, Liam.

Late Mohbad and Omowunmi

Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, stated that her freedom has been taken away and urged Nigerians to help her.

Wunmi, subsequently made a live video to address her current state, she broke down while narrating that they are threatening to kidnap her and that she can’t go out because of fear. She said even if they want to k*ll her, they should let her son live. Also expressing that she is “too young for this stress.”

Watch her speak below;